Thursday, October 07, 2004

Friends Photo Album 2004

Bert's brother Doug with Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta, August 2004

Susan Sanderlin and "friend" in Hawaii, go, girl!

Jeff and Hee with friends at Lake Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia, world's highest lake navigable to large vessels, July 2004

Bert has a green thumb thanks to the Viette's and "Garden Views", outside my townhouse, May 2004

Friday, October 01, 2004

Family Photo Album 2004

Missy and Bert at a Buffalo NY famous "Buffalo Wing" restaurant, Christmas 2004

Niagara Falls from our hotel room, Christmas 2004

Yes, that's ice in our hair at Niagara Falls, Christmas 2004

Missy and Teddy Friend at Bert's Mother's House in East Syracuse NY, Christmas 2004

Christmas 2004-Bertel, Bert and Missy at Bert's Sister Linda's House in Schenectady NY

Missy paddle-boated Baltimore's Inner Harbor with Bert, October 2004

My brother, Bobby, playing with his old bandmates October 2004...what a difference 25 years make! No Hair!

Cory and Robin, my brother Bobby's wife and youngest son, join us for dinner and laughs, September 2004

At our new house on Lakeview Golf Course-Harrisonburg VA, September 2004

Bert's mother, Barb Clark, my mother, Missy and Bert, and my oldest sister Tillie visit our new house, September 2004

Bert and Missy with Bert's mother, Barb Clark, in front of WVPT. Bert is President of WVPT-PBS TV, Virginia's Public Television.

Barb and Dick Clark, Bert's mother and her husband, visit us in September 2004

Bert with Bertel (Kindergarten) and Jillian (2nd Grade) for the first day of school, September 2004

Missy with Jillian at Hershey Park July 2004

The Grubbs clan (at least part of it) at Mother Arleene's 80th birthday party

Missy and Bert June 2004 at Mother Arleene Grubbs' 80th Birthday Party

At Pike's Peak during visit to Bert's brother's house (Mark and Marie), May 2004

Missy with Bertel and Jillian ride an elephant at the Shrine Circus in Syracuse NY, April 2004

Missy with Bert's kids at Make-Your-Own-Pottery, April 2004

WVPT-TV Auction, April 2004; my brother Bobby of Grubbs Chevrolet donated a truck and is on-air with Bert and the kids