Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Family Photo Album 2006

The Renaissance Festival, Sterling NY, August 2006:

Riding the Elephant

At the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse NY, August 2006

Welcome to Harrisonburg VA on July 4, 2006

Bertel Climbs the Rock Wall

Only the Good Die Young

Jillian Climbs the Rock Wall at Massanutten Mountain

The Kids Visit us in Virginia July 2006

On the Massanutten Ski Lift--Climbing, Singing and a Deer Sighting

At Massanutten WaterPark

Bert Body Surfs at Massanutten WaterPark

Playing Mini Golf


Schmidt Family Reunion at Covewood Lodge in Adirondacks, NY made famous by murder in the early 1900's and even made into the movie "A Place in the Sun" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift


Jillian goofs around

Bertel practices for baseball

Bert and Missy are crazy!

Bertel plays baseball

And for more Schmidt Family pics and video:

At Covewood Lodge in Adirondacks, NY
Mark & Marie on teeter-totter with the kids
That's Doug in the background

The Schmidt Clan, Bert playing photographer

Missy playing photographer

Barb and Grandkids

L to R: Mark, Barb, Linda, Bert, Doug

The Guttenbergers, L to R: Tom, Egan, Morgan, Casey, Linda, Corey

Jillian poses in front of the lodge

And Bertel poses!

Jillian receives flowers after her debut performance in "The Wiz"

Bertel helps dad do dishes!

Jillian receives flowers from dad after her Dance Recital

and poses with her classmates

Jillian's 9th Birthday Party

And at Monsters, Inc. on Ice