Sunday, February 12, 2006

Marketing, Branding and Communications - My Thoughts

Branding = Marketing?
Marketing Myths That Can Hurt Your Image

What's Your Advertising IQ?

Are You LinkedIn?

Think, the Power of Positive Thinking

Word of Mouth, Blogs and Social Networking

Keep it Simple-Writing Suggestions for Marketing

Million Dollar Homepage -- Internet Marketing Phenomenon

Help Drive More Traffic to YOUR Web Site, Direct Mail + Web = SUCCESS

Friendship Marketing Materials

Communication Style Standards Guide

RFP Templates

Marketing Plan Templates

Brand Preference Stats from American Marketing Association

For Better eMarketing Results-Write Better Email

Word of Mouth Marketing Association

The Ad-Adverse: Finicky and Opinionated

Marketing for the Next Generation

Marketing Metrics

Strong Branding Helps Friendship Achieve Strategic Goals

10 Deadliest Marketing Sins for Organizations

How Do You Compare? Benchmarks for Overall Direct Average Direct Marketing Response Rates

Why Blogging Matters, from Naked Conversations

Direct Marketing Trends for Business and Industry in 2005 per Survey

Word of Mouth is the Most Influential Form of Media for Consumers

Free Blogging Guide: Top 7 Tips to Write an Effective Business Blog from Debbie Weil

Terms you need to know to converse in Web 2.0 Language

Marketing Outlook for 2006

How to Build a Better Blog, or "If you build it, they may come, but will they come back?"

AMA Marketing on a Shoestring

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