Saturday, November 19, 2005

Visitor's Map and Photo Slide Show

I just found this great FREE online map to add to my blog. Please be sure to add yourself when you visit and give me a "shout out". The picture is just a snap shot; click on the link below for the actual map. See you on the map!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Business Development Certification with Peter Brinckerhoff

November 17-18, 2005

I will be at NISH National Headquarters in Vienna VA for a very important class en route to my certification.



In today’s changing business environment, sound business planning is essential as CRPs seek ways to expand their current business activities and diversify into new areas and markets. CRPs list business development and developing additional contract opportunities as their greatest need. In this course, we will learn to successfully develop business strategies and conduct business planning from a nationally known trainer who has helped hundreds of notfor-
profits with business development initiatives.


This course is designed for executives and senior and middle management staff responsible for planning, program development and decision making as they relate to business development in the CRP.

Take Away Value:

1) Learn how to make decisions about new business ventures.
2) Learn how to develop a feasibility study.
3) Learn how to write a business plan.
4) Learn how to finance a new business endeavor.
5) Develop an understanding of the rules surrounding Unrelated Business Income.
6) Gain an understanding of the corporate structuring options available to CRPs.


Peter Brinckerhoff is an experienced instructor who has provided training for NISH for over ten years. He is a highly sought after consultant in the not-for-profit arena and has helped hundreds of nonprofits develop business plans and revamp their marketing efforts. Peter is an award-winning author of ten books for not-for-profit managers including Mission-Based Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship. You can learn more about Peter at his Web site .

National Council of Work Centers

November 13-16, 2005

I am attending the NISH East Region National Council of Work Centers (NCWC) Training Conference. This year’s conference will cover four tracks:
(1) NISH Policies & Procedures,
(2) Quality
(3) Workplace Development, and
(4) Products with a focus on opportunities for the NPA (Non Profit Agency).

The East Region consists of the following 13 states: VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ, NY, MA, RI, CT, VT, NH, ME. The conference will be at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott located at 333 Adams Street, Brooklyn NY.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Our Cancun Trip October 2005, oops...make that Las Vegas thanks to Hurricane Wilma

Missy and Bert in Las Vegas at lunch
Missy and Bert at Hoover Dam just outside Las Vegas on the way to the Grand Canyon
Missy models at Hoover Dam photo stop

Grand Canyon-West Rim, Visit during trip to Las Vegas
Grand Canyon-West Rim, October 2005
Bert drives tour boat on Colorado River during visit to Grand Canyon

We enjoyed We Will Rock You-A Musical Based on the Music of Queen at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas

And Elton John's last performance of his Red Piano Tour at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Friendship Volunteers at WVPT Great TV Auction

The Friendship Volunteers on Phone Bank, Auctioneering and Bid Confirmation for the Fall 2005 Great TV Auction: Missy Stover (our Director of Development), me, Patricia Craft (Human Resources Manager) and Colleen Mullen (Job Coach), all posing with Cubby, the WVPT mascot.

Me on the phone with a bidder during a hot Auction item!

Bert with my brother, Bobby, who donated a truck from our family business Grubbs Chevrolet. Bobby is also a new member of the WVPT Board of Directors.

Patricia Craft (far right) and me (far left) working the phones during the WVPT Auction on behalf of Friendship Industries!