Saturday, October 01, 2005

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Jack Greenhalgh, President of New Era Energy, Inc.
Co-Chair, Defense and Homeland Security Consortium, Hampton Roads
“Missy single handedly created an extremely professional and effective website. The DHSC had the intention to create such a website for over two years but it took Missy’s imagination, website design capability and an amazingly short time to put it up. She immediately picked up on other needs, such a schedule of professional meetings in Hampton Roads, status reports on the progress on goals, schedules and minutes for DHSC meetings, educational opportunities in the area and contact information. She has made the website an extremely effective tool benefiting almost every goal activity of the DHSC.

Beyond that, she has helped organize the monthly meetings, recruit new volunteers and participate directly on other goals being worked by the DHSC.

I recommend Missy Blankenship very highly. She has quickly become a key factor in the success the DHSC is achieving. I particularly recommend her for her creativity, common sense, ability to work with others, initiative, commitment to quality and technical capability in marketing and public relations.”

Richard Lally, CEO of Oceana Sensor
Chairman of Hampton Roads Technology Council (HRTC)
“As an active volunteer, Missy has supported all the marketing, communications and PR for HRTC Defense and Homeland Security Consortium. She has demonstrated exceptional capability in this capacity and I have found Missy to be dependable, professional and quite energetic. I recommend her without reservation for any job that can leverage her skills.”

Tidewater Community College, Academy of Nonprofit Excellence
Student Survey Responses
“Great Program!!!”
“Would love a Part 2!”
“Missy's feedback on our marketing materials was wonderful, and I can't wait to get back and start making positive changes!”
“Great ideas for free or low cost are always welcome.”
“Super class!”
“The resources and information should prove to be invaluable.”
“Keep up the amazing work.”

John Maher, Director of Corporate Development
Chenega Advanced Solutions & Engineering, LLC
“You were making a HUGE impact in this organization. You were one of the cornerstones for:
team building; tenacity to do GREAT work including value propositions and systemic recruitment; speedy innovation with the draft marketing plan, new web design, and marketing materials; Strategic thinking! - You Knew where we needed to go!”

Patricia Craft, Human Resources Manager at Friendship Industries, Inc.(formerly served as my direct report as Customer Service Rep)
Harrisonburg VA
"As her colleague for nearly 5 years, I've seen Missy walk the walk and talk the talk. She's the consummate professional who recognizes the critical need for creating and executing short-, mid- and long-range plans. Creative, enthusiastic and with the vital ability to instill buy-in at all levels of an organization, this sales and marketing visionary isn't just a cloud walker...she rolls up her sleeves and gets the job done, too. You can't find anyone better than Missy Blankenship!"

Laura Wine, Customer Service Rep/ Mail Quality Control Specialist at Friendship Industries, Inc.(my direct report)
Harrisonburg VA
“I learned so much working for and with Missy Blankenship. She gives 110% to her job. She is the consummate professional in every sense of the word. A few words come to mind when I reflect on my time with Missy, "Thorough, Intelligent, "Can-do", Creative, Cool-headed and Quick-witted, oh so good at everything she does." I have never seen anyone with the professional network of Missy Blankenship! She always knows a way to get something done. Over, around, through...nothing can stop Missy. If you are considering Missy Blankenship for your next project - GRAB HER FAST...she is one of a kind!”

Buzz Van Santvoord, VP Fulfillment
Plow and Hearth
Madison VA
"Missy is a highly organized, proactive sales person. I worked with her on several projects and was never disappointed with the results. Missy thinks out of the box and has the unusual ability to anticipate roadblocks and design creative solutions to get by them. I was disappointed when she moved away, and I lost her as my account representative."

JOSEPH MEYER (Joe), Prime Vendor Program Mgr, Medical Logistics Sys Analyst
Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Office of the Surgeon General

Fort Detrick MD

Shelly Good-Cook, Senior Director-Membership Marketing & Chapter Relations at CTAM-Cable & Telecommunications Assoc. for Mktg.
Alexandria VA
“Missy walked into my office on a cold call and she was so personable that I decided to listen to her sales pitch. I ended up switching to her company based on that meeting and have been with them ever since. Not only is Missy able to accommodate every special need and rush request, she has a knack for making me feel like her most important customer.”

Rick Arnold, Military Sales Manager at Streamlight®, Inc.
Eagleville PA
“Missy is the consummate multi-tasker! If you want something taken from idea to completion, Missy is the person for the job. Her detail oriented Management and Leadership style is perfectly suited for any Company.”

Joyce Blevins, Buyer/Planner at American Safety Razor
Verona VA
“Missy was able to help me and my company with several different projects in a timely and professional manner. Her positive and energetic attitude is so refreshing and puts you at complete ease.”

Eddie Owens, VP-Manufacturing at American Press LLC
Gordonsville VA

Gary Juskowiak, Director-East Region, Richmond Office at NISH-Creating Employment Opportunities for People with Severe Disabilities
Richmond VA

Steve Lee, Partner at Newline International, LLC- Importers
US Office-Culpeper VA

Karen Tefelski , Executive Director of vaACCSES-Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs
Springfield VA

Pamela Pitzer, Six Sigma Black Belt (former Customer Service Manager) at Quebecor World Fairfield, Inc.Fairfield PA

Denise Armstrong, Manager Product Services at Alcoa Consumer ProductsRichmond VA


“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Missy for a brief time while she was at Friendship Industries. She is a detail oriented, outgoing person. I quickly developed a very close working relationship with her and valued her input on my projects.”
Jarrett Leeb, Vice-President of Jarrett Industries, Inc.
Packaging Design, Development and Production

Owings Mills MD

“I met Missy through a group that came to be called "A Few Good Vendors", consisting of a few of us marketing folks who all do significant business with nonprofit trade and individual membership associations. Many of us, like Missy, have worked in a "nonprofit" setting as well...and so understand the special nature and demands of "nonprofit" marketing. Missy is one of those special friends who "get it" -- who understand the "business of doing good" is still a business, and know what it takes to succeed. I look forward to hearing about her latest endeavors.”
Jerry Elprin, Director of Marketing Communications at DirectMail.comPrince Frederick MD

“Missy is very knowledgeable about her products and also a great communicator. She is a great salesperson and always pleasant to work with.”
Sarah Walpole Gray, Marketing Manager at NISH National Office
NISH-Creating Employment Opportunities for People with Severe Disabilities

Vienna VA

“DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, ENERGY . . . . all words I can use confidently in recommending Missy for any position. Missy was instrumental in helping me get the "A Few Good Vendors" group going in the Washington, DC area. She drove hours to be there and was a great resource to everyone. Missy, the association community in DC will greatly miss you. Wish you lots of success in the future!”
Stacey Riska, Owner of DataMax Solutions Data & Distribution Fulfillment Center
Gaithersburg MD
and Maui Wowi

"I met Missy through the American Marketing Association. She was coordinating a program on negotiation skills and asked me to speak on the topic. I was so impressed with her ability and style that I hired her to work on our direct mail marketing program. She took on the project, and executed it with precision - and results. That was ten years ago and I've recommended her to dozens of people since then. She is one of the most knowledgeable marketing experts I've ever met."Steve Kraner of Sandler Sales Institute
Herndon VA

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